Valley View Bridge

Significant flooding wracked the St. George area in 2004 and wiped out one of the area’s oldest federally funded bridges. The city temporarily replaced the bridge with precast box culverts, but the replacement couldn’t to handle the volatile desert flooding. A more sturdy and permanent replacement was necessary.

Wadsbro took on the project in 2009 and completed the bridge in 2010. With a 3-span concrete girder design, the new bridge was built to withstand significant flooding and protect local residential areas. It featured five traffic lanes, a trail for bike paths, decorative lighting and a pedestrian sidewalk.

As it turned out, Mother Nature tested the new bridge soon after its completion when the river flooded again in 2010. This time the bridge withstood the torrent. Its design and preventative measures proved successful, and the new Valley View Bridge weathered the flooding flawlessly — even as another bridge further upstream dislodged and struck it.



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