Union Heights Parking Garage

Union Heights Parking Garage is a 700-stall, post-tensioned concrete parking garage that was built with a ‘long-span’ design that offers great cost-efficiency, as well as a very open feeling and client friendly design.

The most significant material innovation on this project is the issue of corrosion and preventing highway salt from degrading the quality of the concrete and the reinforcement.   Faced with a multitude of alternatives, Wadsworth Brothers opted to forego the traditional use of epoxy coated rebar and opted instead for 2.5 gallons of Direct Corrosion Inhibitor (DCI) per cubic yard of concrete, as well as encapsulated post-tensioning tendon.   Foremost among construction innovations on this project is the investment in steel beam forms complete with their own supporting frames, as well as pre-fabricated soffit panels which were suspended across the beam forms.   This system allowed the contractor to minimize the labor component and decrease shoring time.


Raddon Brothers Construction

Completion Date

April 2006


Salt Lake City, UT