Southern Parkway

Phase One:

Until recently, the St. George airport stood atop a steep-sided bluff in the middle of town. When the airport was relocated to a plain south of the city in 2011, a new road had to be built get there. The Southern Parkway project was born.

The project turned out to have two purposes: (1) getting people to the airport, and (2) providing a more direct route from I-15 to SR-9 in Hurricane. The airport road was completed in 2011, but the connection with SR-9 is still in the works as of early 2012.

This project included all the work typically associated with highway construction, but also gave birth to Southern Utah’s first single-point urban interchange (SPUI). One of the more innovative components of the project was the MSE wall coverings, which display a unique faux-wood facade made from castings taken from actual wood.

Everyone associated with the project agrees that its most significant achievement was the grand total of zero injuries sustained by those working on it.

Phase Two:

The Southern Parkway starting at Exit 2 and ending at Washington Dam Road “approximately 15 miles” was all managed and built by WBC. This massive phased CMGC 70 Million Dollar Project is designed to give the traveling public  quick access  to the new St. George Airport, with  new bridges and exits along the way that  will be a genesis to help create new home and commercial construction in Long Valley, Fort Pierce and the Washington Dam areas.



Completion Date

May 2009


Washington County, UT


2009 – Urban Project of the Year
UDOT-Utah Department of Transportation