Millrock Business Park

Millrock West is a 468-stall parking structure nestled near the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. Challenges included beginning the project in December 2005, the heart of the winter season. Despite inclement weather and less than ideal conditions, the project was completed in only six months. The project used long beam span techniques along with post tensioning. ¬†Wadsworth Brothers poured over 5,000 cubic yards of concrete and erected more than 97,000 square feet of suspended slab parking. Utilizing this method, columns can be spaced over 60 feet apart and nearly the entire deck of the structure can be utilized for parking, eliminating the need for extra support columns. Due to the project’s success, two additional parking structures in the area were awarded to the contractor, both of which were finished in 2007.


Camco Construction

Completion Date



Salt Lake County, UT


2007 – Excellence in Concrete-Commercial/Retail
ACI Intermountain-American Concrete Institute