Bluff Street

Phase One:

One of Southern Utah’s more challenging highway projects of recent years, the new I-15 Bluff Street junction promised to relieve traffic backups at both the junction and in adjacent intersections. The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) designed the project with the purpose of improving general traffic flow in the area and specifically on Bluff Street over I-15.

The project included everything from embankment, grading and sidewalks to the widening of a new bridge deck. The biggest challenge was moving a portion of the deck over I-15 and diverting what turned out to be horrendous traffic while the deck was put into place.

Since April 2009, when the project was completed, traffic flow in the area has improved. The greatest challenge of the project was the tight schedule and the large amount of work that had to be done in such a short amount of time.

Phase Two:

Bluff Street Interchange at Red Hills; this was a 9 million dollar project the consisted of two bridges, large fills, MSE walls and new roadway. Traffic moving North and South on Bluff Street are now given the option to travel unobstructed over Red Hills and Snow Canyon corridors or turn onto the Red Hills and Snow Canyon Parkways. This Project also opens up traffic on Snow Canyon and Red Hills to travel under the Bluff Street Bridges, reducing the traffic build up for the Toucan Theatre.



Completion Date

July 2009


Washington County, UT