Hoback Junction Bridge

Phase One:

The Wyoming Transportation Commission has congratulated Wadsworth Brothers Construction for the successful completion of the $25 million Hoback Junction Arch Bridge over the Snake River just south of Jackson, Wyoming.

The 780-foot-long steel girder bridge on U.S. 26-89 southwest of Hoback Junction, offers three lanes of traffic with safety shoulders and a separated pedestrian and bicycle pathway. The project included construction of a roundabout at the intersection of U.S. 26-89 and U.S. 189-191 to allow safer continuous traffic flow. The bridge was built downstream and parallel to the existing bridge that remained open to traffic during construction.

Built in 1950 of steel and concrete, the Hoback Junction Bridge was showing signs of accelerated deterioration, was located partially on an active landslide area and was vulnerable to seismic activity because it was not designed to current seismic standards.

According to the Wyoming Department of Transportation, commuter use of the highway had increased dramatically as the workforce of the Jackson area moved into surrounding communities. To accommodate the growth, the project included a transit stop and a bike and pedestrian path to give commuters the option of riding the bus into Jackson where they can connect with the extensive Jackson area pathway system.

Phase Two:

This project consisted of replacing the old arch bridge with a new 830-foot bridge including a 560-foot arch section over the Snake River, Landslide Stabilization utilizing ground anchors, retaining walls, new roundabout to allow for better traffic flows, a park and ride facility and path construction.

The arch section of the bridge was erected by utilizing stay back towers to temporarily hold the arch sections in place by tensioning cables to each individual section until the arch was fully erected and then released.


Wyoming Department of Transportation

Completion Date

June 2015


Teton County, WY