George Eccles 2002 Legacy Bridge

In the Spring of 2001, the University of Utah awarded a contract to Wadsworth Brothers Construction for the construction of a new pedestrian bridge designed to carry foot traffic from the Olympic Village to Fort Douglas to the Special Events Center.

It marks the only cable-stay bridge in the state of Utah, and spans more than 290 feet across Wasatch Drive.   The Bridge is supported by post-tensioned cables suspended from a 100-foot tall steel pylon in the center.   The West approach features a cast-in-place suspended butterfly staircase, and an elevator to provide handicap access to the structure.

The concrete in the bridge deck and staircase was poured with a Xyper anti-corrosive admixture to protect against sodium chloride ion penetration, and the structural  steel was coated with Tenemec paint.   These additional measures will provide protection to the bridge for years to come.

The Eccles 2002 Legacy Bridge was a labor of love for our superintendent, Jay Jessop, who worked long hours both to deliver the project on schedule for the Olympic Games, as well as to ensure the quality met both the owner’s criteria, as well as Jay’s exacting standards.

The bridge was featured prominently during the 2002 Olympic telecasts and later finished quite well in an international competition for design and construction of pedestrian bridges worldwide.   It remains a landmark on the University campus and a cherished reminder of the wonderful Olympic spirit that enveloped our state during the 2002 Winter Games.


University of Utah

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Salt Lake County, UT