Bangerter & Redwood Road Interchange

During the construction of the Bangerter & Redwood Road Interchange Improvement Project, it was essential that Wadsworth employ alternative approaches, where possible, in order to meet project goals. Several innovations were developed to meet quick timeline. These included:

  • 186 Foot Clear Span. UDOT’s long-term plan was to widen Redwood Road from a two-lane to a four-lane arterial and add additional turn lanes to the on- and off-ramps for the planned Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) at Bangerter Highway and Redwood Road. Recognizing these future improvements, the team optimized the structure’s geometrics from a single-span to a three-span bridge. This reduced the clear span from 237 feet to 186 feet by placing intermediate bents between the SPUI ramps. By reducing the structure depth and main span length from 247 feet to 190 feet, Wadsworth was able to save UDOT approximate $1,000,000.
  • Three-Span Steel Girder Bridge. To further reduce the fill height of the overpass, the team used a 350-foot long continuous steel girder bridge. Although a longer bridge increased maintenance costs, the structural integrity, safety and maintainability governed by the bridge type, length and proportions also provide an aesthetically appealing design for drivers on Redwood Road.
  • Cell-Crete. This is the first Utah Department of Transportation construction project that Cell-Crete has been used. Known as a lightweight fill material, the addition of Cell-Crete helped minimize the vertical stress exerted on the foundation soil and reduced the potential for long-term differential settlement. Overall, the Cell-Crete improved the long-term embankment performance and extended the pavement’s overall life span.

Wadsworth’s innovative techniques optimized the operational efficiency of the Bangerter Highway and Redwood Road corridors while delivering long-term value to the community.

The $32 Million Bangerter/Redwood Interchange project included a grade-separated single point urban interchange (SPUI) with a 350′ three span bridge to carry Bangerter Highway’s traffic over Redwood Road. The 125’ wide bridge consisted of 30 steel girders, 750,000 lbs. of rebar, 34,000 SF of precast deck panels, and 2,450 CY of structural concrete. In addition to constructing the bridge, Wadsworth poured 66,000 SY of PCCP, 37,000 SY of lean based course concrete, installed three miles of pipe, installed 42,000 SF of MSE walls, placed 7,600 LF of barrier and 10,000 LF of curb and gutter. Wadsworth also worked with the local municipality to create an aesthetically pleasing project. During construction, Wadsworth innovatively installed a temporary CFI intersection, which improved the flow of traffic from the existing condition.



Completion Date

July 2015


Salt Lake County, UT