I-15 Utah County Expansion

Location: Utah County

The I-15 Corridor Expansion (I-15 CORE) is the largest freeway construction project in the state of Utah with the fastest construction schedule for a billion-dollar public highway project in United States history. Built by Provo River Constructors (PRC), a joint venture made up of Wadsworth Brothers Construction, Fluor Corporation, Ames Construction, and Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction, PRC worked closely with its own partners as well as with the Utah Department of Transportation to ensure success.

In an unprecedented 35 months, PRC widened and reconstructed 24 miles of road using PCCP Pavement over an asphalt base, rebuilt and reconfigured 10 freeway interchanges, and replaced 63 aging bridges. PRC’s ambitious schedule comprised almost 2,000 employees and 57 sub-contractors in order to finish I-15 CORE in less than 3 years. More than 90 percent of employees and sub-contractors were local residents building a part in Utah’s infrastructure.