Current Projects


I-80 Pequops

Virgin River Bridge

The 392-foot mammoth Hurricane Arch Bridge, which spans across the Virgin River near Hurricane, is the first steel arch bridge to be constructed in Utah since 1985.
The new structure includes the complete renovation of the existing steel arch bridge that […]

Southern Parkway

Phase One:
Until recently, the St. George airport stood atop a steep-sided bluff in the middle of town. When the airport was relocated to a plain south of the city in 2011, a new road had to be built get […]

Lapwai Creek Bridge

The Lapwai Creek Bridge project began 2011 and is still underway. The new bridge will replace seven multi-span bridges near Culdesac, Idaho.
The project presented several unique challenges. The most significant was the narrowness of the original bridges and the lack […]

I-15 Utah County Expansion

The I-15 Corridor Expansion (I-15 CORE) is the largest freeway construction project in the state of Utah with the fastest construction schedule for a billion-dollar public highway project in United States history. Built by Provo River Constructors (PRC), a joint […]