Wadsworth Brothers Receives Top UDOT Awards for 2009

January 12th, 2010

Wadsworth Brothers Construction has received two prestigious construction awards from the Utah Department of Transportation: the 2009 Rural Construction Project of the Year and the 2009 Urban Construction Project of the Year. Wadsworth was recognized for excellence in design, engineering and innovative construction efforts.

Wadsworth Brothers received the 2009 Rural Project of the Year for the Interstate 80 Four Bridge Replacement in Parley’s Canyon.  This innovative project, part of the Innovate 80 effort, saw the replacement of four bridge decks, two at Lamb’s Canyon and two at Mountain Dell, in just 16 hours each.  What made this effort even more challenging was the requirement by Wadsworth to minimize traffic closures in Parley’s Canyon during this monumental undertaking, and getting traffic flowing again as soon as possible once the bridges were placed.
Wadsworth determined that crews would replace two decks each, in the same direction of travel, over two weekends.  Crews removed and put the new bridges in place with the help of Advanced Bridge Construction methods using self-propelled modular transports.

As a result of this effort, delays to the public were reduced to less than four days, rather than being stretched out over several months, and UDOT gained valuable experience with a bridge building technique that is on the cutting edge of construction technology.

The 2009 Urban Project of the Year award was for Wadsworth’s work on the Southern Parkway Project.  The Southern Parkway is a 26-mile expressway providing a belt route from I-15 at milepost 2 in St. George, to SR-9 in Hurricane.  In addition, it also provides access to the St. George’s Industrial park, the new Regional Airport presently under development and numerous planned developments along the corridor.
A welcome addition to the transportation needs of the quickly-growing communities of Washington County, the Southern Parkway was delivered as a CMGC project, providing increased regional mobility and greater transportation access for the St. George area’s growing economy, while allowing UDOT to develop a set of standards for an expressway and grade separated arterials.  This project featured extensive partnering between UDOT and the State Institutional and Trust Lands Administration, which administers much of the land on which the Parkway was constructed.